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Creative Production
Social Media
2023 — 2024
Zuzanna Mlynarczyk, Designer
Zoe Shirken, PR
Mona Dan, Founder

True to its nature as the trusted innovator in Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern wellness, VIE HEALING was on the move to create a new category of wellness: magnetic vibration therapy tools.

From trigger point therapy, overall surface stimulation, and playful pulsations—VYBRA 💧 aims to make acupressure more accessible to individuals and spas worldwide. VYBRA is like your massage gun, but softer and without all the noise. Crafted from luxuriously soft silicone, these delicate yet powerful tools—The Enoki, The Fig, The Shroom—offer an unrivaled tactile experience. With eleven adjustable power settings and water-safe construction, each vibration tool delivers a customizable journey of deep release, enhanced circulation, and profound relaxation.

From inception to execution, New York-raised creative Zuzanna Mlynarczyk, VIE HEALING Founder Mona Dan, and I walked through every aspect of the project, including naming, copywriting, end-to-end creative production, packaging design, positioning strategy, and social media marketing, ensuring that VYBRA was ready to make a significant impact in the wellness industry, including sexual wellness.
↳ In crafting the name VYBRA, we aimed to evoke a sense of relief and resonance, reflecting the product’s core of promoting holistic wellness through magnetic vibration therapy. The name resonated with our target audience, offering a memorable identity that captured the essence of VYBRA’s innovative approach to wellness.
↳ We meticulously designed VYBRA’s visual identity, ensuring that every aspect of the product’s design reflected its innovative nature and premium quality, including its sexual wellness aspects. The sultry packaging design not only captured attention but also conveyed elevation and efficacy, inviting consumers to explore VYBRA’s holistic benefits. (Update: The packaging won the 2023 GDUSA 61st Package Design Awards!)
↳ Our copywriting and positioning focused on communicating VYBRA’s diverse benefits, including its role in promoting sexual wellness alongside physical rejuvenation and tension relief. Through compelling messaging, we strategically positioned VYBRA as a leader in the magnetic vibration therapy market and conveyed VYBRA’s ability to enhance intimate experiences while promoting physical and emotional wellness. And with a strong social media marketing strategy around VYBRA’s launch, we raised awareness and generated excitement for the collection.

Here are some VYBRA goodness.

With our holistic approach to branding, marketing, and product development, VYBRA successfully launched to widespread acclaim, garnering positive reception from Forbes, Beauty Independent, and Groomed LA. Our comprehensive strategy propelled VIE HEALING to success, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry and paving the way for continued growth and innovation.

Shop VYBRA today and feel all the tension melt away.