🧃 brand identity, web design, shopify dev, creative direction, packaging


The Client

VIE HEALING is where life meets healing. The leader in luxury wellness in the center of West Hollywood with features on publications the likes of GOOP, mindbodygreen, and Vogue, they seamlessly blend ancient Eastern wellness techniques with the finest contemporary tools and proprietary products to offer an intentional and holistic approach to healing. VIE HEALING was founded by licensed acupuncturist and holistic wellness expert Mona Dan, LAc., MTOM, dubbed "The Queen of Ear Seeds" by Harper's Bazaar.

The Ask and The Stuff

The trusted innovator in TCM and modern wellness, its founder, Mona, employed me to develop a new brand identity system to reflect the brand’s evolution—a refined new logo system, typography, brand positioning, and creative strategy. With Zuzanna Mlynarczyk, I designed and developed a tailored website that both feels sultry and earthy. 

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